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What our clients say...

What our clients say...

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional solutions and services to everyone with whom we work. But don't just take our word for it - read what our clients say about working with G&L.

Please note, due to confidentiality clauses, client/consultant specifics are protected.

"Each one of you is making a difference by delivering on our purpose. You consistently inspire us all with the excellence of your work and your collaborative, innovative spirit. Collectively, you are bringing hope to the millions of patients who rely on us. You make us all better and you certainly make us all proud."

Chief Development Officer
Large global Pharmaceutical company

"I would like to thank you all for your remarkable support in achieving this approval in UAE. Not only did we receive it in 2 months - which is a new record for NCE Biosimilar approval timelines across the industry - but we were also able to achieve this milestone without a single query being raised for our submitted dossier. This is a result of your resilience and support in preparing a quality dossier that addressed and covered all potential questions/gaps that were expected during our MA review. Congratulations, everyone, for achieving this milestone!"

Mid-sized Pharmaceutical firm

"I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and flexibility of several G&L individuals who made this EM Partner model such a success. It takes courage and flexibility to change the way we operate every day and focus to ensure we are successful."

Senior Director, GCMC
Large global Pharmaceutical company

"It’s the aggregate of a lot of small but helpful asks, customer service-focused, no drama, and always reliable. Consultant logged in at 8:45 pm his time and was able to answer questions. He dug up a presentation from January that I can use to help newer ETQ users in Medical Affairs. It’s the whole package with him."

Project Manager
Global Women's Health Focused company

"Consultant truly has stepped up and gone above and beyond since becoming the only 1.0 FTE on this project. If there is anything we can do to recognize Consultant internally within G&L for this outstanding performance please let me know."

Project Manager
Mid-sized global Pharmaceutical company

"Thank you for getting this deliverable completed, especially considering the aggressive timelines, and that GCMC was not aware of this submission until quite late. We appreciate all the efforts you put in to get this submission to the finish line!"

GCMC Manager
Large global Pharmaceutical company

"Big shout to Consultant. He coordinated and submitted all the commitments for Colombia for June, which was 20 separate big commitments. This was a tall order and a big ask and he, as always, knocked it out of the park. Consultant is always a pleasure to work da man my guy. Keep up the stellar work!"

Project Manager
Large global Pharmaceutical company

"I am so happy to recommend G&L, both for their ability as a genuinely brilliant recruitment partner, and also for the value they add through market knowledge. G&L knows the market, and the talent in it, so thoroughly and has the skill of not needing to sell to you every time you speak with them as the service they provide demonstrates value without the need to convince people of it."

TA Lead
Global Biotech organization

"Consultant has been a great addition to the team! One of the reasons we selected her was her submission experience, specifically drug product exposure. She has been able to provide input and perspective to our team to help us make decisions. She is very easy to work with and has taken on several aspects of our program independently, including managing our primary internal submission tracking tool and change control assessments."

Project Lead
Specialist Drug Development company

"Excellent and thank you G&L. We will without doubt continue to work with you for future needs. You have done an outstanding job!"

Vice President, TA
Global Medtech organization

"For the G&L team, Consultant, as always, does a tremendous job. Whenever she puts something together, it really is a top-quality submission. In general, Consultant Team also does a great job putting submissions together. So, overall, everyone is doing great and your leadership on the team is superb. Keep up the great work!"

Senior Director GCMC Biologics
Large global Pharmaceutical company

"Consultant has great attention to detail and asks the right questions. I really appreciate her flexibility and eagerness to work on whatever needs to be done to progress the deliverables. We also appreciate her technical input as she has the experience and brings an alternative perspective on topics. It’s a pleasure to work with Consultant."

Senior Director, Vaccines CMC
Global Vaccines company

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