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Information makes the difference

Creating real competitive advantage through
unrivaled information gathering and analysis.

Information makes the difference

Setting the standard in intelligence

At G&L Healthcare Advisors, our senior regulatory experts utilize decades of experience in every aspect of global healthcare to provide competitor and regulatory intelligence services that set the standard across the industry.

Unlike other organizations, our Competitor Intelligence service doesn't just gather and stockpile information.

Instead, our experts carefully analyze and interpret the data to provide clients with actionable insights and viewpoints specific to their development program or portfolio.

By sharing these valuable insights, G&L's Competitor Intelligence plays a pivotal role in helping our clients stay ahead of the competition and provide essential treatments to patients faster.

Our customized Intelligence service underpins robust clinical and regulatory development strategies that support vital pipeline and asset development decisions, increasing your chances of success and realizing your return on investment.  

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At a glance

  • Forensic analysis of Competitor and Regulatory data to provide insights that speed up development and increase probably of success
  • Tailored to each client’s specific needs and development porfolio
  • Delivered by regulatory experts with specialist Therapeutic Area knowledge
  • Increased asset pipeline viability and valuation, and earlier ROI

Driving successful outcomes

By utilizing our Intelligence service, our clients benefit from valuable insights which drive and improve your development strategy and outcomes by:

  • Identifying differentiated and commercially viable target indications and product positioning
  • Increasing asset and pipeline viability and valuation
  • Driving development roadmap and TPP to ensure key milestones and objectives are met
  • Achieving successful clinical studies sooner
  • Achieving earlier ROI
  • Staying ahead of the competition and getting drugs to patients faster

Competitor Intelligence

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Far-reaching intelligence

At G&L, we take pride in the extent and depth of our knowledge across all therapeutic areas, product types, and markets.

Our fields of expertise and Competitor Intelligence data points include:

  • Disease background
  • Global clinical development landscape
  • Standard of care
  • Biomarkers and companion diagnostics
  • Approved therapies and treatments
  • Dosage form and drug delivery platforms
  • Patient insights
  • Endpoints and study design assessment
  • Recent health authority notifications
  • Monitoring new and emerging regulatory guidelines
  • Pediatric development approaches
  • Agency thinking and trends
  • Target profile
  • Class labeling
  • HEOR and Pricing Reimbursement
  • Disease background

Impacts and benefits

In a world where time and money matter, it can be all too easy to overlook the importance and value of competitor intelligence.

At G&L, we believe carefully collected and analyzed information, coupled with thorough strategic advice and properly executed regulatory development plans, is a legacy investment that will help clients reap benefits for years.

Not only will it have a significant impact in expediting development, enhancing market access and realizing return on investment, it can also mitigate the potential for unnecessary regulatory risk, delayed product development, and misdirected development spending.

Our experience and expertise alleviate considerable pressures for our clients, allowing them to focus their resources elsewhere while ensuring critical aspects of regulatory strategy are never overlooked.

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Case Study

Tailored Intelligence Reports

"Working with an emerging Biopharma company, G&L provided applied regulatory intelligence to help guide their pipeline and clinical development decisions."

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