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Improving market reach

Using extensive subject matter expertise and
market knowledge to help our clients reach
new markets and expand existing ones.

Improving market reach

Market knowledge is the key

At G&L, we realize that product success is intrinsically linked to thorough market intelligence.

When it comes to understanding the markets in which our clients want to grow, we leave nothing to chance.

As a global organization, our extensive network of expert Consultants ensures our knowledge of local healthcare markets and their associated regulations and legislation is second-to-none.

By its very nature, Regulatory is in a constant state of change. As it moves with the times and responds to a myriad of factors, our professional teams work closely with Health Authorities around the world to guarantee compliance is always maintained.

We are proud to enjoy highly collaborative relationships with these bodies and work closely with them throughout the process to make certain we understand their specific intricacies and requirements.

At a glance

  • In-house expertise to expedite the process 
  • Proven results including substantial client time and financial savings 
  • Guaranteed consistent local market knowledge

Our Services

Services designed with our clients to help their organizations reach their potential.

  • Rapid footprint growth, efficiently scaling your business
  • Regulatory Strategy, gap analysis, and roadmap design
  • Regulatory intelligence and local regulation navigation
  • Competitor and comparator insights (indications/labels)
  • Local Health Authority interactions and meetings
  • Product launch and promotional material review
  • Local market setup advice and support
  • Local language services

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Case Study

New market guidance and support

"Our client required a regulatory partner to support its hemophilia gene therapy program with the aim of launching the product in Japan alongside the US and the EU.

We immediately engaged with our Japanese affiliate to conduct a feasibility assessment of gene therapy placement in the Japanese market.

We then performed a gap analysis of the available CMC, non-clinical, and clinical data, for the product currently undergoing Phase III trials."

Gene Therapy company

Market Expansion

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