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Healthcare transformation: Is digital technology the answer to productivity?

Posted on the 7th March 2024


In the recent UK Government budget speech, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced full funding of the ‘NHS productivity plan’ with investment focussed on new IT infrastructure.

The intention is to invest in modernizing IT systems to yield a “ten-times” return in savings.

Commentators, including the Financial Times, have welcomed such initiatives but remain skeptical that "there is no guarantee that it will deliver the ambitious savings he [the Chancellor] hopes for." (FT Editorial, 6th March 2024)

The promise of significant benefits from the implementation of digital technology would have us believe that this is some sort of silver bullet to solving all management challenges.

However, anyone who has lived through the most basic of software installation will know this is simply not the case.

Realizing anticipated benefits of digital technology relies upon more than pushing a button, but something more fundamental – modernizing organizations in readiness for digital enablement.

Fundamental business change is difficult, bears inherent risk, and can unsettle critical operations for which healthcare, especially regulatory disciplines, depends.

We hear from clients across the industry that increasing financial pressures are changing the perception of regulatory affairs and quality functions as ‘protected species’ and so the quandary facing such leaders is a need for change but delivering a service without causing inadvertent compliance risk.

Client experience with traditional consultancies with little to no knowledge of the Regulatory Affairs industry is reported to result in generic plans that are optimistically presented as ‘transformation’ yet fail to deliver any meaningful outcome.

Within the G&L Insight Advisory Practice, we believe a fundamental understanding of the business of Regulatory Affairs provides a basis for understanding a client business and where there is an opportunity for return on investment in digital tool enablement.

We are not aligned to a set of technologies or solutions and, as a result, provide a bespoke service for every client we work with.

Furthermore, as seasoned Regulatory Affairs industry experts, we have the benefit of a wide range of experience in different settings and will undertake a deep analysis of your situation to determine an individual roadmap solution for your company and your business transformation projects.

This is a far better basis for profound improvement within the client organizations we partner with. This is not just our view, but client case studies demonstrate significant financial efficiencies.

For further information visit our website or contact us here.

Our service include:

  • Assessing and implementing purpose, strategy,      and objectives – aligned with the corporation and to develop your function
  • Ground-up (or ‘zero-based’) design
  • Future-proofing your organization – Gap and risk analysis, planning, and implementation, including digital preparedness
  • Accompanying change programs
  • Customer experience, service design, and value-demonstration
  • Service delivery – quality and cost objectives
  • Strategic resource deployment and sourcing
  • Process simplification, and excellence programs (lean, and six sigma)

Paul Kuiken is Vice President of G&L Insight

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