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Digital Technology Week: Introduction

Posted on the 29th April 2024

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Digital technology adoption in Regulatory Affairs

This week, Paul Kuiken, Vice President of Advisory Practice, delves into the burgeoning realm of digital technology and its profound implications for Regulatory Affairs.

Digital technology now permeates every aspect of modern life, extending its influence from homes and cars to workplaces.

While some readers may embrace this digital landscape with open arms, surrounded by gadgets at home and in their professional lives, others may approach it with caution or uncertainty.

The purpose of this series of articles is to reach a broad audience, fostering a shared understanding and challenging prevailing myths and perceptions.

At G&L, we believe that digital technology, while powerful, is not a panacea unto itself. Instead, it requires careful preparation and groundwork before implementation can truly yield its full potential.

Article One: A common understanding of digital technology

With the ‘noise’ surrounding digital technology it is important that a baseline understanding is set.

Terms like Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0, and Digital Transformation are often used interchangeably but contribute to confusion.

To navigate this evolving landscape, it is crucial to understand these terms and their practical implications. We will examine the evolution and impact of technology and the ethical implications associated with it.

Article Two: Application of digital technology in pharmaceuticals

Building on the understanding of the landscape, it shows the potential for digital technology and pharmaceuticals and how this might cross over into regulatory.

Pharmaceuticals and regulatory affairs are behind the curve in technology introduction compared with other industries such as Finance.

However, this provides the opportunity to view what may be possible and what value emerging tools might bring.

This article examines how technology has penetrated the pharmaceutical industry and where the potential is for regulatory affairs.

Article Three: Digital technology and the future of regulatory

Given that digital technology is here and is rapidly improving in terms of its potential the application for regulatory is discussed here.

We will look at what are the drivers and barriers to adoption and what are some of the issues that leaders face in this area.

Currently, no organization has a silver bullet for the transformation of regulatory affairs, but there is growing interest and investment in potential solutions.

With improving datasets and tools to extract information from a variety of sources, the opportunity for efficiency gains is more likely, but is the industry looking to solve the right problem?

This final article examines the variety of issues that the industry faces and how this might be addressed.

How we are addressing digital technology at G&L

At G&L Healthcare Advisors, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the provision of our industry-leading services.

We utilise regular learning sessions to navigate the evolving tech landscape, dispel myths, and foster a better understanding of its impact on regulatory affairs.

We have a dedicated technology group tasked with identifying, testing, and validating the use of digital tools that will help our staff and clients.

We are undertaking trials with technology specifically targeted at regulatory affairs applications. It is important to focus efforts on technology with impact rather than the next shiny new thing!

We will continue to educate our teams and clients alike as we believe that the narrative of technology in our profession should be developed.

Get involved!

We would like your thoughts and perspectives in this area.

Are you keen to see regulatory affairs transformed by digital technology? Or are you sceptical of the perceived benefits? How do you believe the industry will change? For the better or worse?

For more information visit our website or arrange a call with one of our experts.

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