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Stephen Loughrey SCREEN

Stephen Loughrey

Chief Executive Officer


Stephen is one of the most highly regarded and well-known figures in global scientific consultancy.

Over the last twenty years, his attention to detail, fervent work ethic, passion for people and drive for better have seen him at the helm of multiple successful consultancy firms.

Working with Peter Griffin, Stephen was instrumental in the success of Pharmalink Consulting Limited in 2001, helping to take it from a team of ten to a globally-respected company with more than 250 employees around the world.

In 2016, Stephen and Peter established G&L. The company has grown rapidly from a small boutique-style offering and now boasts a global presence with offices around the world and a broad range of clients from incubator businesses to some of the largest pharma firms. 

As the CEO of G&L, Stephen's unbridled enthusiasm for the company and its work, coupled with his dedication and loyalty to the people with whom he works, have seen the range of service offerings provided by G&L increase dramatically to meet growing client demand.

The continued success of G&L is a direct result of Stephen's tireless hard work and innovative thinking that ensure the company is consistently at the forefront of science, regulations, legislation and sales and marketing developments.

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