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Eric Shobe LT

Eric Shobe

Chief Commercial Officer


With a wealth of experience spanning decades in Research and Development, Eric stands out as a distinguished figure in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

His track record of highly diverse accomplishments includes significant contributions to 3 NDA approvals, integration of 6 major M&As, and leading strategic initiatives that optimized the ROI of R&D allowing for further reinvestment in novel therapeutic modalities and indications.

In his capacity as the Chief Commercial Officer at G&L, Eric shoulders the responsibility of steering all facets of revenue and margin growth through pioneering partnerships within the healthcare ecosystem.

Collaborating seamlessly with our Business Development, Technical, and Marketing Teams, Eric ensures that G&L remains at the forefront of global regulatory affairs optimization.

A pivotal member of the G&L Executive Team and Board, Eric plays a crucial role in shaping and executing strategic plans vital for the sustained growth and development of the company.

His leadership reflects a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic foresight, propelling G&L to new heights within the pharmaceutical landscape.

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