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Bill Griffiths Bio

Bill Griffiths

Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer


With an illustrious career spanning nearly four decades, Bill stands out as a globally recognized and highly esteemed regulatory expert.

His expertise extends across the pharmaceutical and consulting industries, marking him as a versatile professional with a wealth of experience.

To date, Bill has played a pivotal role in crafting and nurturing global teams that transcend continents. His influence has been instrumental in driving significant business transformations and restructuring initiatives, reflecting a commitment to excellence in every facet of his career.

As G&L's Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, Bill occupies a key position in shaping the company's trajectory. His strategic insights and extensive industry knowledge contribute to the continuous evolution of G&L as a benchmark for innovative services and solutions.

Beyond his operational role, Bill is a distinguished member of the G&L Board.

Collaborating closely with the Executive Team, he actively participates in shaping and executing strategic plans for the sustained growth and development of the company.

This dual role underscores his influence not only in regulatory affairs but also in the broader strategic direction of G&L.

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